9 things to do in December & Happy Wednesday!

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Today Happy Wednesday! would be rather unhappy so I’ve decided to link it with some nice plans for December 2014. I must find some ways to improve my mood, when the level of endorphin is dropping drastically, right? 


1. Read „The Silkworm” by Robert Galbraith.This the one and only point connected with Happy Wednesday! Big Muffin made me a very nice suprise and bought me that lovely crime. Half book behind me so review is going to be wrtitten soon.


2.Finish „White Wolf”. I’ve been reading this for almost two weeks. The novel is really interesting but because of my fatigue and Kitty’s illness I always fell asleep after reading two paragraphs.



3. Fix the lens in my Nikon.

4. Go for a walk and see old city of Piotrków by night. Preffered time: when it snows.

5.Defeat  cold with hot beverages. Most of all by drinking hot chocolate but I would like to drink some of the warm, spiced wine, too.

6. Go to the icerink. Do you think that Kitty is grown enough to try iceskates? I know that there are some helpful penguins for small children…

7. Bake cinnamon buns. You can bake them, too!



8.And another time prepare some cranberry scones. Get the recipe! 



9. Just lie down and hide under the blanket. Kitty’s going to cuddle with me and Big Muffin will be watching ski jumping as always.


 And what are your plans for December?


Na co dzień szczęśliwa żona i mama Mai i Lei, które są uczestniczkami wielu wydarzeń z tej strony. Zawodowo spełnia się jako account manager i copywriter. Na swoim blogu uchyla wam rąbka tajemnicy swojego prywatnego życia oraz dzieli się tym co powinno was zainteresować.

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